How Does the Foundation Cracks Cause Property Damage?

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Foundation cracks can be very costly to repair. They often occur when the ground is wet or just extremely cold. This makes it very difficult to build a house – even with cracks in the foundation. Foundation cracks cause walls and basement floors to crack, which causes rooms to become extremely drafty, making it difficult to heat or cool the room. Foundation cracks also make it very difficult to let in air, which is necessary for keeping a home warm in the winter.

The cost of foundation cracks varies widely based on the severity of the crack, labor, material costs, and so on. However, there are other hidden costs such as inspections and other licensing that you should also consider. Let’s take a closer look below and how much they cost:

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There are several different types of foundation cracks repair. One option would be to replace the entire wall. If the crack is very small, then you may be able to repair it yourself using special tools. You could possibly replace just the damaged part, or maybe both sections. Your first step would be to contact your homeowner’s insurance company to find out what their policy requires regarding foundation cracks repair.

If the cracks have caused water to penetrate the entire floor, then the most likely culprit is mold. There are several things that can cause mold to grow on your walls or basement, including cleaning products that you may not realize are contaminated with mold. If the mold has gotten into the wood framing on the outside of the wall, then you will need to have it removed and replaced with new drywall to prevent mold from growing back.

Other than wood framing, foundation repairs due to water or mold issues may include stone or tile damage. It is important to remember that epoxy is not a permanent fix for any cracks. You will still have structural damage, even if you apply epoxy to fill in the cracks. Epoxy itself is a toxic chemical that can cause short-term health problems and allergies. It is not a good idea to use it for long term repairs to your home.

In order to avoid the possibility of long-term health problems related to mold, it is recommended that you perform any foundation crack repairs as soon as possible. If the problem is small, such as just a small divot, then you can likely do the repair yourself. If the problem is larger, such as an entire wall, then you will want to consult a professional contractor who is trained and experienced in structural repair. They will be able to determine if the solution to your problem is merely cosmetic, or if there is a serious issue related to moisture and mold that should require further evaluation.

Foundation crack repairs are made by many professionals, as well as DIYers. Before doing so, it is recommended that you consult with your insurance company, as they may have different requirements for what is considered a minor repair. Additionally, many states have restrictions on how much ground excavation can occur, and some require the structural support of buildings to be evaluated annually. If the soil around your foundation is not stable enough to support the weight of your house, you could suffer a catastrophic loss of property, as well as extensive damage to your home.

If your home has a crack, then there is a good chance that it is not only visually appealing, but it may also be an indicator of a mold infestation. In order to solve a minor crack, there are several things you can try. If the crack is close to the exterior of your home, then using a drywall filler may be a good option. You can try applying some silicone spray directly to the crack to plug it and make it less noticeable. If the crack occurs within the interior of your home, then using some silicone caulk may work, too. If neither of these options works, then using a high-quality basement waterproofing product will help.